What We Don't Believe

False Teachings

Because of the vast errors that are present, we have chosen to steer clear of these doctrinal errors.

Replacement Theology

Replacement Theology states the Church has replaced Israel.

Dual Covenant Theology

Dual Covenant Theology claims there are different paths of salvation for Jews and Gentiles.

Calvinistic Theology

Calvinistic Theology teaches once you are saved you are always saved. The Bible makes it clear that one can lose his/her salvation if he/she turns their back on God and does not repent of their sins. Faith without works is dead therefore faith requires an ongoing relationship with Jesus in obedience to His Word.

KJV-Only Theology

KJV-Only Theology dictates the superiority of the King James Version of the Bible over all other versions, even over the original Hebrew and Greek texts. We primarily use NKJV for reading in English, but acknowledge that most translations convey a majority of Truth. We believe in the importance of studying the Bible in its original languages.

Anti-Pauline Theology

Anti-Pauline Theology declares Paul's teaching is contrary to that of Jesus and therefore Paul's doctrines and his Epistles should be rejected.

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