Sha’ma: Learning to Hear

Epiclifeterrell   -  

Give us ears to hear.

Life is busy and to be honest, we like it.  Unfortunately, the busier we become the harder it is for us to hear the voice of Yeshua.

Yeshua tells us:  “My sheep hear my voice, and a strangers voice they will not follow” John 10:27

In Deuteronomy 6:4 there is a powerful prayer that all of us should take notice of. Many Messianic and Jewish congregations recite this twice a day.

4“Hear O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is one. 

In Hebrew it is “Sha’ma Yisri-el Adonai elo-heinu Adonai e-chod”

That is really what the Sha’ma is all about. It’s placing ourselves in a place to hear what Adonai has to say to us.  Sha’ma in Hebrew means to hear, with the intent to obey.  It’s listening to what the Father says and then doing it.

Our enemy’s number one tactic is distraction.  Get us distracted and we will forget to listen. He then gets us to hear other voices.  Voices that draw us away from our Father’s Torah (His teachings, instructions and laws).

I think this is what has happened to the church. It’s why when Covid-19 struck so many professing followers of Yeshua fled the church and have not returned.  It’s why, so many churches are struggling financially. It’s why so many follow their human emotions instead of the voice of our Shepard.

Sha’ma….hear, listen to His voice free of distractions. This means we must be diligent to “build” a gate around our time.  The time of listening to the voice of Adonai.   It means we have to be diligent in protecting what we allow in that could distract us.

Sha’ma……The Lord our God, He is one meaning nothing else has more importance in our life. That we will guard our hearts and minds from being led astray lest we forget to Sha’ma, listen.

Idols have a way of sneaking into our life without us really knowing. That is why I believe the Lord has us recite the Sha’ma, to continue to be on guard for those things that will rob us from time spent in “hearing” the voice of Abba Father.

What is distracting you from having ears to hear? Busyness ie…hobbies, work, friends or maybe time just got away. We didn’t say no enough or said yes to some good things that zap what little time we have.

Take a moment today and ask….what is keeping me from hearing?  Where is the noise coming from that interferes with me hearing the voice of my Father in Heaven? Set aside the time, multiple times a day, that are cut out for just you and Yeshua. Time to be quite and hear. Time to listen. Time to Sha’ma, listen with the intent to obey.

Let’s make 2022 a year where we hear clearer than we have before, the voice of our Shepard.